Welcome to World Music United

Hello everybody,

i just started this little project called “World Music United”.

My goal is to get everybody on this planet to get to play their music to everybody. But not just finished songs, no, i want every musican, pro or beginner, metal or pop, soft or hard, to get their music known.

The first thing i would like to make a differnce is the Way our fans perceive our music. I think nowadays, with all the possibilities of the world wide web, we can get our fans a new look to our process of writing songs.

I think more poeple will start to appreciate what we actually do if they can come closer to the whole writing process. Not just hearing the finished Song and maybe one or two demo-versions on an EP or Single.

So let our fans join us, directly in the process of writing a song, let them hear a song from start to finish. Show them how much work, thought blood sweat and tears are in each and every one of your songs.

The second thing i like to do is to get everybody around the world to work together on their songs.

Maybe you are in a band and some of your songs just don´t fit in the specific genre or vibe of your band. Maybe your bandmates don´t like it, maybe nobody got any idea how to make your song fit.

And this is how “World Music United” comes in.

For myself, i just startd to write songs, and i don´t know a thing about singing or how to write lyrics, so i figured:

Why don´t i look for somebody aroud my home?

and then those thoughts came to mind:

Well, why would anyone want to sing one just one song that probably will never be performed or released?

Why should i start a new band just for those one or two songs that just do not fit in with my band?

Well, then my next thought was:

Since the whole world is linked to each other, why shoudn´t i enlarge my search radius?

And then i thought:

Well, make this a music project for the everybody on this planet, so we all can get one song in different languages, different storys. Not just a song translated into an other language.

Then i realised, why just do it for me? There a millions of people on this planet that write songs, millions that write poetry that could be used as lyrics to a song, millions that lack a bit of melody to finish their song. And the list goes on and on….

So this is it, this is “World Music United”, a place for you to upload your unfinished songs, to get your poetry or your lyrics out ro musicans all over the world.

Let us work together, far from the mainstream industry, let us bring variety back to music. Let us bring a soul back to music.

This will be free, will stay free.

So here i am, i got some songs that need YOUR VOICE and lyrics.

If you have the same problem, register, get your stuff out to the world and let the whole world work together on your song.

Maybe, we will get the world to work together on our universal language that is music.

Nobody will be rejected!!!