Pricing (Free)

Well you might just wonder why there is a tab called pricing when i said it is free and will stay free.

This is the one thing i would like you to know:

If you have a finished song, i will publish it, only if you whish, you can do it on your own that is no problem.

But this thing here costs money, and to get a little back, i offer to publish your songs on Distrokid.

Why Distrokid?

You can set up how the revenue is split, for me, you or erverybody else that worked on your song or songs.

I am not talking about ab 50/50 cut or 70/30, i am talking about a 99/1 cut, where you will get 99% of the revenues i will get one, but only if you are willing to do that.

Like i said it is no problem not to do it, i will never ban anyone.